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Our Products

National Hiring, the No.1 power generators hiring company of India is a trusted name in the Gensets hiring industry.

Standard Diesel Gensets

We supply on hire standard Gensets which are not covered with sound proof acoustic canopy...

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Silent Diesel Gensets

These Gensets are soundproof, weatherproof, environment, friendly, compact in design..

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Sound Proof Van

We hire sound proof van ranging from 75 K.V.A to 500 K.V.A. it can be reached at site within 1hr..

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Honda Portable Gensets

These are totally imported from Japan and can be used for offices or small function. Used for offices or small function.

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Diesel Welding Generators

We also supply diesel welding generators on hire, make Advani-Oerlikon coupled with Perkins S325 engine.

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Trolley Mounted Generators

1. Modular construction.
2. Minimum fuel consumption.
3. Easy maintenance.

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